List of Prestadesk solutions for money transfer and value-added services


Here is the list of our different software, systems, remittance system, online money transfer, mobile-based money transfer system, platforms and solutions for money transfer and value-added services. Click on the title to display a product page.

1. Promot, softwares, systems, methods, solutions et platforms:

Promot is a family of money transfer software and value-added services that operate over the Internet and via GSM / SMS mobile networks for Microfinance institutions and funds transfer companies.

2. Promot Mobile, money transfer software from agency to agency, GSM/SMS mode:

Money transfer software through GSM mobile networks. Promot Mobile revolutionizes the way of money transfer and microfinance agencies work so far with new data transmission capabilities through GSM mobile phone networks (SMS money transfer software) and security rules for the fight against fraud.

3. Promot Mobile Banking, person-to-person money transfer software and mobile payments (mobile banking), GSM/SMS mode:

Person-to-person (P2P) mobile money transfer platform software (mobile banking software, m-money, mobile money).

Promot Mobile Banking, mobile money transfer software (Mobile Banking software, M-Banking software), is an advanced platform to set up a complete and functional Mobile Banking system (mobile banking) for money transfer agencies as well as microfinance institutions. Promot Mobile Banking works with the same principles that services such as M-Pesa® MTN Mobile Money®, Airtel and Orange Money® Money®. *

Promot Mobile Banking also works with all mobile phone models (classic, Android, iPhone iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile ...) and with all mobile operators unlike the aforementioned solutions that only work with their respective mobile operators. With PROMOT Mobile Banking, users can transfer money and make payments to people who subscribe or not to this service and have the same mobile operator or a different operator.

4. Promot Essential Banking, agency to agency money transfer software, GSM/SMS mode:

SMS money transfer software platform, economic software "essential" without the need for internet, computers and other network equipment. Promot Essential Banking is a solution that combines the benefits of Promot Mobile (money transfer software via GSM mobile phone networks, SMS money transfer software) and of Promot Mobile Banking (Mobile money transfer money software and mobile phone payments).It is also an economical, affordable and easy to administer solution for money transfer agencies and Microfinance.

5. Promot Global Banking, international money transfer software with compliance, Internet mode:

International money transfer platform software in foreign currency. Promot Global Banking,robust and secure international money transfer software, supports several thousand transactions per second, several zones for sending and withdrawing money, several users connected at the same time, several agencies, several agents (your partners ), several currencies and 3 international languages namely French, English and Spanish.

With Promot Global Banking, You can now carry out international money transfer transactions in foreign currencies such as Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), FCFA Franc Cemac (XAF), CFA Franc Uemoa (XOF), Japan Yen (JPY), Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY), British Pound (GBP), South African Rand (ZAR), Qatari Riyal (QAR), Russian Ruble (RUB), Swiss Franc (CHF), UAE Dirham (AED), Morocco Dirham (MDH), Indian Rupee (INR), Nigerian Naira (NGN), Kenyan Shilling (KES) and many other foreign currencies.

Promot Global Banking, software for sending money and withdrawing money to all countries of the world (money transfer migrants, software to send and receive money around the world), is responsible for automatically convert the amounts in foreign currency of destination (foreign currencies of the country of destination of the money transfer).

6. Promot OnTime Banking, mobile banking software, SMS Banking, GSM/SMS mode:

SMS Banking mobile banking software for banks and other financial institutions. Promot OnTime Banking, SMS Banking Software, is a robust, secure, and tailored platform for cost-effective SMS mobile banking services, value-added services that will keep your customers in touch and interact with your bank directly from their cell phones.

While simple to use, Promot OnTime Banking, SMS Banking software, works with all mobile phone models, all mobile operators and with most information management systems.

7. Promot Mobile Billing, bills and subscriptions paymentsoftware, GSM/SMS mode:

Water and electricity bill payment trought SMS software for water and electricity distribution companies. Promot Mobile Billing is a software for payment of water and electricity bills by SMS and debt collection by SMS. It is a robust and advanced technology platform for facilitating payment of bills via GSM mobile networks. Designed for water and electricity distribution companies, the SMS bill payment system, Promot Mobile Billing can also be adapted for use by other large distribution companies that manage subscriptions.

Your field agents responsible for measuring meter consumption and invoice delivery will now be able to collect invoices directly on the spot at the homes of your customers and subscribers while instantly validating the payment transaction for water and electricity bills. electricity from a simple mobile phone or a mobile payment terminal to print a receipt to leave at the customer.

8. Promot Cluster Banking, agency-to-agency money transfer software, with performance management, compliance, GSM/SMS mode:

Money transfer software through GSM/SMS mobile networks with operational clusters management for the optimization of resources, performance and the quality of mobile links.

The platform integrates real-time behavior analysis to fight against fraud, Anti-money laundering compliance (AML),
Counter-Financing Terrorist (CFT) and the Diligence of customer knowledge (KYC- Know your customer). It is the most powerful, most innovative and most functional mobile GSM/SMS mobile money transfer platform for microfinance institutions and money transfer companies.

9. Promot CrossNet Banking, international money transfer software, agency-to-agency, person-to-person and mobile payments (mobile banking), compliance, Internet/GSM/SMS multimode:

Multimode International Money Transfer Platform (software) (Internet/GSM/SMS).It is the convergent solution 4 in 1 (Promot Global Banking, Promot Essential Banking, Promot Cluster Banking et Promot Mobile Banking) that integrate our latest innovations and advances in payment systems.

With this platform, it is possible to make transactions from one country to another country with or without an Internet connection while controlling operating costs. The platform integrates all necessary controls for the security, validation and compliance enforcement (KYC/AML/CFT/CTF).

10. Promot Due Diligence, compliance software KYC/AML/LAB/CFT, Internet mode:

KYC (Due Diligence) solution (software) helps effectively to verify the quality of customer relations by providing reliable and classified information according to several criteria. The Promot Due Diligence software helps to identify individuals and their close relations who are affected by the AML / AML (Anti-money Laundering) and Counter-Financing Terrorist (CFT) guidelines.

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