Promot CrossNet Banking, international money transfer software with multimode/multi-channel (Internet/GSM/SMS)


Promot CrossNet Banking is the new innovative, secure and efficient platform for optimal management of domestic and international money transfer operations, operating in multimode Internet/GSM/SMS (multi-channel money transfer software). Promot CrossNet Banking as our previous solutions has been designed for microfinance institutions and money transfer companies.

Promot CrossNet Banking, a money transfer system software via Internet /GSM/SMS, is a convergent 4 in 1 solution that replaces our previous solutions namely Promot Mobile Banking, Promot Essential Banking, Promot Cluster Banking and Promot Global Banking while integrating latest innovations and business requirements already integrated into these solutions.

The new platform brings innovations such as the possibility of simultaneous transactions via the Internet and through national and international mobile networks. Interim processing of these transactions, such as currency management, security checks, compliance checks, fraud control, treasury operations, and other processing, are performed automatically according to strict industry criteria.

With Promot CrossNet Banking, a multi-mode internet/GSM/SMS money transfer software, microfinance institutions will be able to serve all localities whether it is a big city or a rural municipality in every country.


A transaction initiated from a locality connected to the Internet, in a given country, can be treated in another locality without Internet connection, in the same country or abroad, for example a rural municipality, through the network of mobile telephony of an operator.

With the new platform Promot CrossNet Banking, multimode money transfer software system (Internet/GSM /SMS), your institution will have a single platform advanced, secure and efficient to offer agency-to-agency money transfer services and person-to-person payments (also known as mobile banking) while reducing operating costs, the risks inherent in the business, and the difficulties of accessing modern, local financial services.

Promot CrossNet Banking is certainly an indispensable lever for the growth and vitality of microfinance institutions and money transfer companies. This solution will effectively take an advantage over its competition.

I / Features of the multimode international money transfer software (Internet/GSM/SMS):

Here are the main features and benefits of Promot CrossNet Banking, multimode money transfer system software (Internet/GSM/SMS):

  •     Perform operations simultaneously via the Internet and GSM/SMS (multimode, multi-channel)) mobile networks,
  •     Money transfer "Agency to agency" (cash to cash),
  •     Money transfer "Cash to bank accounts",
  •     Money transfer "Person to person" (mobile banking),
  •     Money transfer with confidence to avoid error and fraud (new),
  •     Goods and services payment (mobile payment),
  •     Tontine * management with collections and distributions in agencies or with moving agents (new),
  •     Savings management with interest calculation (new),
  •     Payroll transfer management with mobile withdrawals (new),
  •     Specifications of unique codes of operations,
  •     Management and specifications of pricing and promotions,
  •     Foreign currencies and virtual value units (VVU) management,
  •     Automatic printing of slips for sending and withdrawing money,
  •     Notifications of transactions by e-mail and SMS,
  •     Integration of compliance:

    - Anti-Money Laundering (AML),
    - Customer Knowledge Diligence (KYC "Know-Your-Customer"),
    - Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF),
    - and other rules ...

  •    Transaction monitoring, behaviors analysis and anti-fraud,   
  •    Management of partners (master-agents/sub-agents, simple partners, kiosks) with accreditations transparency,
  •    Cash management (exchanges, taxes, commissions, cash movements, transfers, etc.),
  •    Users and permission management with multifactor authentification,
  •    Automatic traceability of operations and encryption of sensitive data,
  •    Import and export of data in Excel, Word, CSV, XML,
  •    Online operational assistant,
  •    Business Intelligence: analyze in real time and produce statistics of your activity,
  •    Intuitive interface, ergonomic and in 3 languages French, English and Spanish (other languages contact us),
  •    Easy to use software even for people with modest qualifications,
  •    The software works with all operating systems and Internet browsers,
  •    Operate your transactions with computers, tablets, cell phones, smartphones or mobile payment terminals,
  •    Reduce the cost of your money transfer services,
  •    To serve all the localities with modern financial services of proximity,
  •    The platform works with all mobile operators (GSM/CDMA),


* Tontine: Likelemba, Asussu, Kitemo, Djanggi, Moziki, Wari, Diari, Pare, Dashi, Adossa, Chilemba, Dambele, Credit union, Mutual aid, Community funds, Mutual funds...

II / Multi-mode international money transfer software price (Internet/GSM/SMS):



Available edition



Small Business



Money transfer from agency to agency




Money transfer from person to person


Mobile payment (Shopping/Pay bills)

Savings management


Tontine management

Payroll transfer management

Partner management (super/sub agents)

Mobile network operator handling




Operation mode




User license price/Unlimited

€ 3,500
€ 2,500*

€ 4,500
€ 3,000*

€ 5,500
€ 3,500*


Notice: Prestadesk reserves the right to modify the characteristics and prices of its products and services without notice. No commissions levied on the transactions made. * Discount valid until October 31, 2019.


III/ Payment methods :

We accept the following payment methods: Cash, Bank Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, Express Union, Money Express, Sigue and other.

Your money transfer company or Microfinance Institution wants to acquire international money transfer software to free you from STA with their disadvantageous percentages or simply you want to expand and install your own international money transfer network in your country. other countries and wish you to manage your foreign currency transactions with peace and efficiency?

So Promot CrossNet Banking is the international money transfer solution you need. Promot CrossNet Banking is an excellent platform for your money sending and receiving transactions anywhere in the world!

Prestadesk is the now recognized leader in money transfer solutions for microfinance institutions and money transfer companies, which continues to strive year by year to innovate and offer platforms with professional features, ever more secure and more efficient software for making transactions faster and faster.

For more information, to request a quote or a demonstration, please contact us.

IV/ Tests and demonstrations before the purchase decision of the multimode international money transfer software (Promot CrossNet Banking):

You can this software with limited functions for € 50/day. Please contact us for more information.

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